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Camp Kitchen: Tonka Toasters

Featured, Food & Drink — By on June 4, 2012 12:31 pm

From Gather At The Tabletonka toaster :

If all goes as planned with our summer recreation schedule, most of our cooking will happen OUT of the kitchen – either over a campfire, firepit, or on the grill. Our first outing was last weekend, and we broke out the tonka toasters. It’s one of the true signs that summer has arrived.

Tonka toasters, AKA pie irons, have two cast iron disks each on a handle. To make a pie, butter two slices of bread (buttermilk bread works really well.) Sprinkle on a little cinnamon sugar, and put the bread butter side down on each disk. Spoon less than 1/4 cup of pie filling (we are partial to blueberry) onto one slice, right in the middle. The two sides hook together at the top and clamp closed – with kids this takes some cooperative teamwork. Pull off the extra crust and stick the pie in the fire, right on the red coals.

It takes several minutes on each side to toast the bread inside and heat the filling. Opening the toaster definitely requires some adult assistance, and should be done over a plate to avoid tragic results (nothing sadder than a toasty pie landing in the dirt.) Also – the irons stays really hot for a good long while, so take care where they are put down to cool.

The variations are limited only by your imagination – really, every camp meal could be made in these handy toasters. We’ve broken eggs into hot oiled irons, layered bacon between the iron and the bread, and substituted tortillas for bread to make killer breakfast burritos (eggs mixed with green and red peppers, chedder, pre-cooked chorizo, and little chalula.) Pizza pies are lunch or dinner option, with sauce, mozzerella, pepperoni and mushrooms.

Here is an online source for the minute pie brand of pie irons.
Happy camping! 

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